Introduction To Argumentative Essay and Interesting Topics

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This article also talks about the main theme of the topic and later the writer decides which side of the topic he/she would support. 

If you are a middle school or even a high school student you must have an idea of an argumentative essay. This is the type of essay that involves a discussion about an argument. The aim of an essay writer while writing this essay is to put forward his/her side of the argument and convince the readers for it.

In an argumentative essay, being a writer you do not have to keep an optimal tone and ensure that you are just defending your point of view and not humiliating the opponent. 

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In this article, we have tried to make this assignment easy for you by summing up some interesting argumentative essay topics for you. All these topics are fulfilling the requirement of a good topic. These topics are interesting, captivating, and most importantly arguable. 

Go through them and choose the perfect one for you. 

  • Is the value of family in the United States in a state of compromise?
  • Should the American education system adopt the British tradition of a gap year?
  • The medical sector of America must treat massive depression as a public health issue.
  • Schools should help parents control the screen time of teenagers.
  • Can Americans trust the current voting system?
  • Does the American military policy need reform?
  • The public transportation system is seriously ill in most parts of the American states. 
  • The government should not use DNA testing results for criminal records.

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  • Death penalties should be abolished in all states.
  • Will America ever be satisfied with its president?
  • The government has to react towards the spread of homelessness in the U.S.
  • Is the U.S. middle class getting overpowered by the upper class?
  • Social media is feeding depression amongst teenagers.
  • Should there be room for ethics in close friendships?
  • The education system has to provide healthier meals.
  • Should homework occupy all the free time of college students?
  • Journaling has a positive effect on a person’s emotional state.
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  • Cultural shock within your own country is real.
  • Students should be allowed to use e-books in class.
  • Academic dishonesty can lead to a destructive lifestyle.
  • Should the driving age be moved to 18 years?
  • Military training positively affects a person’s character.
  • Is time management suitable for every person?
  • Clothes affect one’s mood and performance.
  • Should schools have sports as mandatory?
  • Recycling must be mandatory worldwide.
  • The government has to invest in curing the soil.
  • Organic fertilizers should replace chemicals.
  • Countries that come under the United Nations must resolve the problem of polluted oceans.
  • Abandoned buildings must be reused in a productive way.
  • Radical global change is worth saving the planet.
  • Ecology-saving projects must be well-funded.
  • Does social media normalize hateful behavior?
  • Can a woman pursue a career and be a good mother?
  • Will there be iPhone-level inventions in the future?
  • Can suicide rates amongst the elderly be lowered?


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