You can make on marketing expenses of your product

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In the current economic climate, when profits are really nonexistent and the Blind Chains businesses are going into phases of either closing down or rolling back their operations, one cannot really fathom why corporations still give away products without charging a price. To the lay man this would seem like a totally unexplainable think to do, because of course you are already having trouble making both ends of your balance sheet equal and yet you are going ahead and giving away products without charge. One would say why not sell the same amount of product and at least keep from some of your business from closing down.

That might be consumer thought, but business run with a  different preposition.However there is a very important reason that the corporations still give away products without any price, the free samples that you give away are basically not going to be beneficial for you in the financial side of things but they really work wonders with the overall business operations. For one thing, through their distribution, you will be basically tapping into a market which you have never exploited before. This is of the new consumer who was not willing to spend a certain amount of money and take a gamble on a new product, when you are basically handing it to him free of charge; he is basically going to like it.

And if he thinks that your product is much better than any substitute in the market, then he is going to come back and then pay for using it. This is what different entrepreneurs say is the most difficult part, gaining new consumers. After you have done this part successfully, you can now rely on your products quality to actually keep them loyal to you.One other thing that giving away products to the consumers can really help you on is the savings that you can make on marketing expenses of your product. Basically the main motive behind marketing is to get consumers more aware about your product and to actually entice them to use it? So what better a way than to give it to them for free?