The Atom trimmer is a product that looks very utilitarian

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Rotary trimmers come in a lot of different China Blind Chains Manufacturers sizes and vary in degrees of quality. If you've been searching for awide-format, high-quality rolling cutter for your office, there's a newproduct you should consider: the Fellowes Atom Rotary Trimmer. Here'sall you need to know about this device, including its strengths and itsweaknesses. Strengths:    There are two Atom models and they each have their owncutting length. The 180 can cut items that are up to 18 inches inlength while the 150 can work with items that are 15 inches long. Each unit - no matter what the cutting length - can slice through 30sheets of normal copier/printer paper in one go. This is a very goodamount, one of the highest available for this type of cutting device.

In addition to 20 lb. bond paper, the Atom can be used to trim a lot ofother materials including foamboard and cardstock. You can even cutthrough plastic sheets with this device.  Thisproduct's blade is enclosed in plastic to prevent any injuries fromoccurring. The blade is fashioned from stainless steel and can beeasily replaced, if necessary.  There are ahandful of features that make this product easy to use. First, the baseis imprinted with a protractor for angled cuts, as well as a cuttingguide so you can accurately trim your work. A paper clamp will keepyour materials from moving around when they're being cut. And there'salso a back edge guide that's totally adjustable and can assist youwhen you need to do repetitive cutting.   This cutter will stay in place the entire time you're using it because there are non-skid feet on the bottom of it.     Although the 180 costs a bit more than the 150, the price differenceisn't that large. Therefore, buying the larger device will be doablefor a lot more people.  This is one of the mostdurable rotary trimmers available and it's constructed exceptionallywell. It has a metal base that can withstand a lot of use and theentire product is covered by a very impressive 10-year warranty. 

Weaknesses:    Obviously this product doesn't have the same trimmingcapacity as a guillotine trimmer, so it's not the device to use if youneed to work with a big stack of paper.  Both ofthese devices are rather large, even the 150. The measurements of thatproduct are 5" (height) x 14.75" (width) x 23.75" (depth), with the 180being a few inches wider. These are definitely not the type of cuttersyou can tote around or keep in a desk drawer.  The Atom trimmer is a product that looks very utilitarian. It lacks thepolished, attractive appearance of other Fellowes cutting products,such as the brand new PowerTrim.    After reading this rundown, it's pretty clear that the new FellowesAtom Rotary Trimmer has a lot to offer anyone who needs this type ofcutting device. So if your office needs a new rolling trimmer, considerbuying this product today.