Air Jordan 1 Mid SE “Multi Patent” Leather Online Cheap CV5276-001

Air Jordan 1 Mid SE “Multi Patent” Leather Online Cheap CV5276-001


Cheap Jordan Retro After entering the so-called "consumer era", Air Jordan 1 the most important proof is not that the money in the purse suddenly decreased, but the change in people's consumption outlook. Just like a new term that has become popular recently, "the last person" is actually just a nickname used to talk and laugh among "community animals", but whether you and I are in it or not, it's the right thing to buy and buy.Of course, this kind of buying, buying and buying behavior extends to the world of sneakers and has a new interpretation. Just like now, the gap between "general shoe models" and "co-branded designs" is being infinitely narrowed due to changes in consumer concepts. If two years ago, wearing "co-branded shoes" was still the "bottom line" of a senior Sneakerhead, the current niche, not popular enough, it is better to be able to "single" sneakers design, maybe it will save you and me from the fire. That life-saving straw.

2020 Jordan Shoes To be honest, it is an indisputable fact that the attractiveness of "joint names" has declined this year. If you try to open Weibo or overseas sneaker websites, almost all the information will use "joint exposure" as a gimmick to attract attention (of course we are no exception). However, for most people, it is quite difficult to just distinguish "who is this TM joint name", not to mention the many different brands and different designers, different sneaker shops and different brands, different brands and different brands every day Three parties or even multi-party cooperation, which comes and goes to the complicated network of relationships, makes people feel dizzy.

NMD For Sale On the other hand, the reason why the joint design has been regarded as the life-saving straw for sneaker design for most of the previous period is the public's pursuit of the "niche" under the asymmetric information. In the eyes of most collectors or veterans who first started playing sneakers, they almost all oppose the "homogenization" which exists in the current social phenomenon. The formation of co-branded products is more of a unique aesthetic for both parties involved in the design. This method, and as this method gradually becomes more popular and normalized, the meaning of the joint name itself is not so important, and this will also affect the choice of shoes for some people.