What players need to know about the next generation of NBA 2K21

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Recently, 2K Games announced that the NBA 2K series will debut on next-generation game consoles. It will release Xbox Series X today, and PlayStation 5 will be available the day after tomorrow. The new next-generation experience of NBA 2K21 will be the first product of these two systems. If players can buy the next generation of game consoles earlier, they will see the NBA 2K21 server running sooner. It is also very necessary for them to buy some NBA 2K21 MT as a backup.

Presumably many players should already know that the price of the next generation NBA 2K21 is $69.99. According to recent data released by Reddit, there is 121.7 GB of space on Xbox Series X and 101 GB of space on Xbox Series S. Although the total number on PlayStation 5 has not yet announced, it estimated to be similar to the total number of Xbox Series X. According to 2K, the game’s server has been online in the first two days.

Those players who have purchased a physical copy of the current version of Mamba Forever Edition will have the code for the standard version on the next version. Those players who bought it digitally will be able to activate Xbox Series X | S or PlayStation 5 on the same account. They can also download the next-generation SE version.

What players can find is that the game screen is more exquisite and delicate. Although 2K has optimized the game animation very well, the pace of improvement has never stopped. The Zion Williamson image is one of the best. However, those who are still watching the game development trend must enter the game to experience the exquisiteness of the screen.

2K apparently took this opportunity to pay tribute to the legendary superstar of the late Los Angeles Lakers. The collector’s edition named after Kobe Bryant, and there are also many tributes to present. In addition, the next generation of NBA 2K21 will definitely have more innovative modes or challenges waiting for players to complete. So they’d better go to GameMS to Buy some Cheap 2K21 MT to enhance the strength of MyTeam lineup.

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