What Kobe Bryant looks like in the next generation of NBA 2K21

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Many fans have seen Kobe Bryant in the next generation of NBA 2K21. Kobe Bryant’s appearance in the next generation of NBA 2k21 has been posted online on Twitter. Fans thank the developers for their efforts. After his death, many media and fans felt very sad and consciously organized many commemorative activities for him, and 2K was no exception. Players can spend some NBA 2K21 MT in the game to get many versions of him.

The designer of 2K did an outstanding job this time, almost perfectly restoring Kobe’s image in NBA 2k21 Next Gen. Earlier this week, NBA 2K released the first renderings of Kobe Bryant in NBA 2k21 Next Gen on Twitter. The tweet quickly became all the rage, and compliments continued to emerge. The new function is a vast improvement, especially Kobe’s visual function. The picture the players saw was a scene of him wearing a purple jersey holding the ball.

The player’s favorite version of Kobe is when he is wearing the number eight jersey. Compared to him in the 24th period, his style of play during that period was more popular, commonly known as the Frobe version. It is also his signature style when he won three consecutive championships from 2000 to 2002. According to reliable sources, NBA 2K will use more versions of the late Kobe Bryant. This will be their unanimous respect to the most iconic and influential players in basketball.

The Kobe version that appears in the game has both the GO version and the PD version. The specific choice of which version of Kobe requires players to decide according to their economic strength. In addition, players can also spend some MT to get the strongest version of Shaquille O’Neal, which can combine with Kobe to form “OK combination”. Players who lack funds can Buy many Cheap 2K MT at
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