Madden 21: Franchise Update & Title Update now live

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The next Title Update for Madden 21 landed today, and with it came the first long-awaited franchise update. There are many stability and gameplay corrections, but let's take a look at important franchise updates. "The Madden 21 Franchise Update" is very busy in Madden 21. The patch introduces some new features to the Madden franchise, while providing us with a timeline for future changes. If you buy Madden 21 Coins, you will discover more new features.

The first new feature of the Madden 21 series in this patch is the Dev Trait regression adjustment and the setting to turn it off completely. This means that players in the offseason will be evaluated to see if their Dev Trait will return to the next season. At the same time, the acquisition of Dev Trait was adjusted to avoid excessive use of Franchise Mode by Breakout players. The next new feature in the Madden 21 series is the playoff brackets. These new brackets will begin to appear in week 13 of the season and will detail the teams in the NFL playoffs. This includes displaying games such as wildcard rounds and the score of each playoff game.

A more minor new feature of Madden 21 Franchise is more statistics on player cards. The player card will now show weekly matches and results, as well as the end of the season for team players. X-factor ability customization. Players in the Madden 21 franchise mode will now be able to customize the X-factor skills in the league in their own team and other teams. This will allow players to adjust the franchise to their liking. OVR requirements still apply to the X-factor function, so don't expect to throw freight trains to Aaron Rodgers.

EA provides the next lineup of Madden 21 franchise model changes at the end of the patch notes. These changes will arrive in mid-January according to EA's current schedule. These changes include a series of new commissioner controls and personnel logic improvements. You can also directly Buy Madden Coins link to get more information.