Chicago Bears: Madden 21 simulation for Week 10 versus Vikings

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What is Madden 21's prediction for the Chicago Bears and Minnesota Vikings matchup in Week 10? If you have players who want to get into your team this week, you can choose to Buy Madden 21 Coins.

Entering the 10th week, they experienced a three-game losing streak, the Chicago Bears hope to return to the victory column and maintain the state of the playoffs. They will face the Minnesota Vikings, who have made considerable progress and defeated Darwin Cook to win two consecutive division titles. The Bears' offensive performance in the past three weeks has been poor, which will have to change in order to remain competitive.

Madden 21 conducted a simulation this week to see possible results. David Montgomery had just been excluded, so Cordarrelle Patterson and Ryan Nall played the main roles when they ran back. The simulation result allowed the Chicago Bears to win 24-13. In fact, it was a gratifying victory, and the Bears almost needed to move their momentum in the right direction.

Once again, the story of the game is the Bears' defense. They forced four turnovers and were able to fire the quarterback six times. Khalil Mack and Robert Quinn performed well, and players like Roquan Smith and Jaylon Johnson were intercepted twice. This is the team's full defensive end, and on Monday night, against the powerful Vikings offense will need to take such measures.

The Bears' offense is okay, considering that they don't have David Montgomery, their passing is pretty good. Foles is decent enough to win the Bears, but they need to do better in actual games. It is interesting to see whether switching the calling party will help the development of this offense. The Madden 21 simulation has been very generous to the Bears this season, so hope they are right this week and the Bears win the Monday Night Football game against the Vikings. Finally, if you can buy Cheap MUT 21 Coins, it will make it easy for you to get superstars.