'NBA 2K21' first impressions on PS5, Xbox Series X

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Unless you are LeBron James, an athlete's rookie season is usually an opportunity to see at a glance the potential you might have in your career. If you want to get more powerful players, you can buy NBA 2K21 MT on a reliable website. As the trailer for the next-generation NBA 2K21 shows, the players are more similar to real-life players. Stars including Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard and New Orleans Pelicans ball god Zion Williamson are also impressive Shocked, they are all screen stars of the game.

The experience in the arena is more vivid. It is brighter and allows you to see the crowd better, not just sitting in the seat. During a free throw, I watched the opposing crowd pick up the thundersticks-the long balloons you shot-and hit them together to distract the attention of the hand. Even for a moment, you can see individual fans get up and walk up the stairs as if they were going to the toilet. These small details help create a more realistic atmosphere.

As for the action, the collisions between players are more realistic whether they are charging or hitting a defender midway through a layup. Dunks also felt more ferocious when the rim rattled or the player dropped the basket. The shooting has been adjusted so that the player can change the arc of the shooting according to the speed or speed of pulling down the fingertip.

The NBA 2K21 on the new console has the same shorter loading time as other video games on the platform. In fact, it can be said that no other game can benefit more from it. The jump from the selection screen to the arena is immediate. One thing that is obvious when playing this version of NBA 2K21 is that they saved all the important upgrades for the new console. The most eye-catching new feature is The City, which is a huge experience in the game MyCareer mode. Players can create their own virtual athletes and guide them towards NBA superstars.

For the next generation version, every game starts with your teammate standing on the three-point line, waiting for you to play. They will not actually move. Despite these weaknesses in the game, for the first year, NBA 2K21 seems to have become a good start for the next generation of game consoles. If you are also a player of NBA 2K21, then purchasing 2K21 MT can help you improve your strength in the game.'NBA 2K21' first impressions on PS5, Xbox Series X