This would be hard to'hide' from RuneScape

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Whether they realize it or buy RuneScape gold if they're just being impatient, those who buy the"buy" s****s are in fact saving time and money by doing so.

Whether they realize it or buy RuneScape gold if they're just being impatient, those who buy the"buy" skills are in fact saving time and money by doing so. They clearly have a way to generate money that is than to go collect 200m worth of materials if they have the money to shed 200m on a skill. They have figured out it, although they might not be able to verbalize it. Obtaining the $10/month is just an expansion of that.

This would be hard to'hide' from gamers, as sink tems can be recognized almost immediately via GE data. It would be pretty straightforward to develop an automatic model to predict/identify them based on stuff like cost swings and transaction volume. And identification expect if this were to go as suggested sites such as'getracker' would add a tool on their front page suggesting these products. Why would you assume the items are being bought as the gp comes in or that they simply wouldn't show trades done this way as part of their trading volume considering its not.

It wouldn't be hard if they wanted to to hide at all, there is an insane variety of ways. Does not make your premises right because there's ways around it under all your premises. I mean that the items are bought from somebody? Sell deals are being stuffed? My assumption is the ge tracker sites take information or at least in certain way that is not data given straight from jagex although I could be wrong on this.

You're correct they can hide it if all data on sell/buy offers is obtained straight from some API jagex has immediate control over, and there's no other way of receiving it out of customers, but I don't think that's the case. Basically there is of the methodology the approach would take a variant you can construct a distribution of the number of offers that get full of a specific thing in a given time period. You know that thing is a sink item, if the surprising way more market offers are becoming filled for apparently no reason. Then you're having no effect, if you don't fill the sell offers.

As yet another user suggested possibly the best way to combat this issue is simply get the items all at once (after the fact) but I think that might raise other potential problems such as creating a weird risky marketplace based around sudden price spikes, where folks invest in crashed items only for a chance their thing will get chosen. The thing crashes if it does not. I guess if that an issue people care about or if its worse compared to old school rs gold the situation is just another debate.