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There are various types and designs of industrial pumps.

There are various types and designs of industrial pumps. Having said that, regardless of the manufacturing level of the industrial pump, its design cannot be used permanently. If used continuously, almost every Stainless Steel Submersible Pump will fail or at least encounter problems at some point. The key is to educate yourself and your workers about the warning signs of impending pump failure. In this way, you will know when there is a failure, and you can seek repair or replacement of the pump as soon as possible before more serious damage occurs.

Sign #1: You are dealing with dirty water

First of all, the first thing to pay attention to is the sewage flowing through the system. No matter which type of pump is used, the overall purpose is to filter clean, clear water into your operation on a regular basis. If this does not happen, but you become dirty and muddy, it may seriously damage your business operations. In addition, it also indicates that your pump is somewhat incorrect.

Sign #2: Your water pump cannot be started or cannot be started

Obviously, when your daily operation relies on a running pump, it is a major problem if the pump fails to start. If you struggle or start slowly, this is also a problem. There are many reasons for this problem. From electrical problems to frayed wires or blown fuses, this can be any result. It may also be that your pump just "sent out".

Sign #3: Your pump keeps circulating

Almost every type of industrial pump you can buy will cycle on and off. This is how most pumps work. However, if you find that the pump seems to be running continuously so that you can't really determine which stage the pump is in or whether it is working properly, then you will definitely encounter some kind of problem.

The problem may be an improper or incorrect adjustment of the switch, a burned-out motor, or a communication command to open or close. As with all these problems, the best way to diagnose and correctly solve the problem is to seek professional help and advice.

Sign #4: Your pump makes a strange noise

Finally, as with any type of machinery, especially machinery as important as a pump, if your pump suddenly starts to make strange noises, then it is definitely time to check it. You should pay special attention to clanging or knocking sounds, which usually indicate problems with the pump’s overall mechanics or its structure and integrity. However, any voice you don't recognize or are not used to should cause concern and take measures.

If your pump encounters any of the above problems, please contact the friendly experts of XIZI Submersible Pump Factory to solve the problem as soon as possible.