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Are you tired of Scoring B's and C's on your college essays? The reason could be the great writing strategies that you might be missing. Not just this, but there are plenty of other factors



Are you tired of Scoring B's and C's on your college essays? The reason could be the great writing strategies that you might be missing. Not just this, but there are plenty of other factors that affect the writing capability of a student. 


The high school students are spotted at a stage where they are absolutely confused about their performance in writing essays.  They cannot figure out the actual issues that drop them into a category of B's and C's grade students. It is high time they try to see what the problem is and how to solve it. 

So next time you wonder who'll write my essay and feel stressed out, just remember our name that is well-known for offering reliable, valuable and excellent paper and essay writing services. 

A solution can be suggested by a professional and expert essay writer who can analyse anybody's mistakes by just reading. With their years of experience and qualification, they can detect even those issues that a student cannot. There are some factors that experts think a student might be missing in writing an essay. Let's have a look at what experts have to suggest. 



  • Good Selection of Topic 


The teachers in high schools or colleges pay special attention to the essay topics of their students. Assigning essays for grading is another method to check or enhance the creativity of the students. As a student, you must check if your selection of topics is interesting or you are accidentally choosing wrong topics for 6our essays. 



  • Lack of Research


The lack of research can also get you B's or C's. It is a fact that many students do not pay attention to. Either they end up choosing a topic they have no background of of, or they do not bother to go in-depth on the topic for better understanding. An essay written using incomplete or invalid facts can cause you your grades. No wonder why you do not get an A for your essay using this approach. 


  1. Countless Writing Mistakes 

The teachers, English teachers especially hate writing mistakes. This could be the biggest factor why you cannot score an A grade in your essay. You might be making countless grammatical, spellings or punctuation mistakes that have highly annoyed your English teacher. It determines you are not capable of writing a good essay. If a student has not idea about how to write a good essay, it is definitely a problematic thing that should be urgently fixed. 


  1. Not Using Quotations and Real Life Examples 

The readers can relate to the real life examples more than everything. The quotations add a lot of meaning to the situation discussed in the context. Not using both of these can be a reason of your essay getting only B's or C's. The exceptional students always go for the plus points that make an essay admirable and worthy to be read. Every teacher definitely appreciates the use of real life examples and quotations because it adds more significance to the stance shared in the essay. The experts also recommend two of these for leaving a better impression.  



You often do not realize what you're actually missing in your essay. While students are still in the learning process, they can seek help from experts who can guide better. You can score an A by implementing these tips, and improving your existing essay writing skills. 


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