Some people seem to get recognition

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Red is a stimulant and if you are lacking in recognition and social status, then you definitely sprinkler-factory Plastic Hose Quick Connectors Manufacturers need to get some red in your home. In fact, if there's one thing most homes suffer from, it's a lack of red!

Fame is a tricky thing.  Some people  seem to get recognition so easily  while others toil endlessly to get  their fifteen minutes.  Fame, or  more specifically, the south sector (or gua on the bagua) in feng shui,  is related to status.  This status has  a number of meanings, from actual  fame and celebrity, to the social  standing in your community.

Get recognition for a special ability

The south sector also pertains to the recognition you deserve and the attention you receive for a particular skill or talent, or for your lineage, say, as a member of a prominent family.  When your home enjoys a beneficial south sector, recognition comes easily, friends and good times are enjoyed at your home, and you retain a good name.

When the south sector is afflicted, either by an annual affliction, or by a poor arrangement of flying stars, you will suffer from gossip, slander, poor social standing, lack of friends and social opportunities, and you may have an uphill battle trying to get the credit your deserve.  The south can also be harmed by having water in this area, black and blue colors, or by having metallic objects here or metal colors.

Work on the south sector and improve your image If this is your case, you may want to look at ways to boost your south sector.  Even if this isn't your particular situation, and you enjoy good recognition and social reputation, it's important to pay attention to the south sector because you want to protect it.  It's all about your good name.  You work hard to make a name for yourself, and when you have succeeded at doing it, it's even more important to protect that.

When it comes to feng shui, one thing stands out and that is, when things are bad, you should do what you can to change things, and when things are good, you should do what you can to protect that good fortune.  This is never more true than with your name.

When you have an afflicted south sector, you can experience isolation, loneliness, frustration as colleagues around you steal your thunder and your limelight, and your name isn't held in as high regard as you would like.  Take matters into your own hands and build your reputation. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Red is the color of fire and the color associated with recognition.  Fire heats things up and red is the color that gets you noticed.  Just think about the "lady in red"  and the red "power tie."  Red is a stimulant and if you are lacking in recognition and social status, then you definitely sprinkler-factory Plastic Hose Quick Connectors Manufacturers need to get some red in your home.  In fact, if there's one thing most homes suffer from, it's a lack of red!

Here's some RED pointers:  Paint your south sector red (unless it's a bathroom or bedroom).   Add red cushions or pillows in your south sector. Paint the south wall in your living room red. Add red candles or a lamp with a red shade in the south sector.


Lighting is very "yang" and is a stimulus.   When you want to improve your standing,  add more lighting to your environment.   Add lights in the south sector to boost energy  in this corner. Light the front of your house -- your social side. Put a lamp in the south corner on your desk. Drape tall trees or indoor plants with small, white Christmas lights.


This puts you so that you are facing your fame direction where you sit, eat, sleep, and work.  When you're serious about becoming famous -- particularly if you are in a public line of work (actor, politician, newscaster, writer, model, etc.), you want to get all the attention you can.  In this case, you'll want to make sure you maximize all the possible recognition areas you can -- that means the south sector and your personal fame directions.

To determine your personal recognition direction, go to the Red Lotus Letter Kua Calculator page and find out your Kua number.  You'll be guided to the correct direction for success and recognition.


The outdoors is a perfect location for some extra  fire energy.  Outside you can add barbecues,  wood furniture, and lighting in the south sector  of the garden.  Plants and flowers are also  good stimulators in this sector, so get yourself  to the garden center and load up on red-colored  flowers.

Giving your south sector even some small enhancements can do a lot for your reputation, your social status, a good standing in your community.  Extra attention could cause your name to be more recognizable, your credibility enhanced, and you may even become famous.