A current-generating pack called the stimulator

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To deliver the current to the skin, the patients uses various skin patches that direct the current to a specific area of the Quick Disconnectors skin.

This warmth eases stiffness and increases mobility for lower amounts of pain, and also promotes the production of hormones called endorphins. These endorphins act as natural pain killers as well. What Equipment is Needed for TENS?To deliver the current to the skin, the patients uses various skin patches that direct the current to a specific area of the Quick Disconnectors skin. A current-generating pack called the stimulator creates the currents and then the patches direct the currents to the soft tissue in the body.These units are portable and battery powered.

 A patient is able to direct his or her own pain relief with the use a stimulator by turning it on when pain relief is needed. Patients rent or purchase the units for long term use.A physical therapist applies the patches and coordinates the strength of the receptors and currents.

What Intensity of Electrical Stimulation is Effective?The default settings for the stimulators is  a comfortable amplitude, just below the threshold of pain, with the pulse width or duration between 10 and 1000 microseconds, and the pulse rate, or frequency, at 80 to 100 impulses per second when the machine is set on high.  The ideal setting for each patient has to be determined by trial and error over time. In addition to the settings on the stimulator, the patient also experiments with the location of the electrodes. 

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The current can jump up to two inches, meaning that it will even go through thick jackets and other clothing. For best results, the probes should be fired at the torso, which provides the largest target area.What happens if the probes miss the target?If only one probe comes into contact with your attacker, some electrical current will still flow. The amount of current depends on what material is contacted by the second probe. TASER devices can also be used as stun guns. The device itself can be applied directly to the attacker, without use of the probes. 

This method can be used again and again, without replacing the nitrogen cartridge in the device.What is the range of a TASER device?The probes should hit the attacker's body at least four to six inches apart. The probes separate further from each other as the distance from the attacker increases. For bet results, TASER devices should be fired at a target at least several feet away. With most TASER models, the optimum distance is seven to ten feet. At this distance, the probes will land about 16 inches from each other.