Every office needs a paper shredder pvc welding machine Factory

Every office needs a paper shredder pvc welding machine Factory



Every office needs a paper shredder pvc welding machine Factory

because in this day and age, privacy and security are more important

than ever before. If your office lacks one, you should take a look at

the HSM 386.2cc, a great product that's ideal for use at work. Here's

all you need to know about this device so you can decide if it's the

machine for you.

1.) The 386.2cc is a cross-cut paper shredder that has been given a

Level 3 security rating. This is the third highest rating available

which makes this device perfect for destroying e-mails, financial

documents, and anything else you'd like to keep private. Your paper

will be transformed into hundreds of particles that only measure 1/8" x

1-1/8". You can even destroy credit cards with this device so your

financial information can stay secure. The blades are even strong

enough to handle any fasteners that may be left in your documents.

2.) This shredder has a wide feed opening that's 15.2 inches wide. This

means you'll be able to destroy large computer printouts as well as

letter- and legal-sized documents. The 386.2cc can shred up to 14

sheets of paper at once (up to 27 feet of material per minute) so

you'll be able to get back to doing other things more quickly.

3.) The 386.2cc is perfect for use in shared workspaces. It has an

enormous 31-gallon waste bin. Needless to say, it can hold a lot of

paper before it needs to be emptied so a lot of people can use it over

the course of a workday. Since it has such a wide feed opening, this

device would be great for IT departments or any other entity that

regularly uses wide-format paper.

4.) This device will start shredding as soon as you put paper in the

feed opening. That's because it has an electronic eye that can sense

when an item is present for shredding. After the machine has done its

work, it will stop automatically. It will also stop when the waste bin

gets too full.

5.) The 386.2cc has a thermally protected motor so you won't have to

deal with an overheated machine. (And the damage that comes with it.)

The motor is strong enough to withstand continual use.

6.) This is a very quiet shredder because the motor is enclosed in

housing that muffles the noise. This housing also helps keep dust

inside the unit so your workplace will stay clean.

7.) This is a pretty large device but it's not so large it won't be

able to fit in a hallway or your copy room. It measures 21.5" x 16.2" x

33.8" and weighs 77 pounds. If you need a little bit of extra storage

space, you can purchase paper racks that can be attached to the unit.

Overall, the HSM 386.2cc is a terrific choice for offices and

departments needing a shredder with a moderate amount of security. It's

terrific that it has such a wide throat and that it can also destroy

credit cards and document fasteners. You'll find that this shredder is

also easy to use and that your workplace will remain clean and

relatively peaceful. If this sounds like what you need, get this

shredder for your office today and start shredding!