the challenge of players and the legend is created by you

the challenge of players and the legend is created by you


购买武林传奇金币 The first legend with national warfare! In the new legendary world you must first choose a country from "Qin Qi Zhao" to play and then choose one of the professions of warrior/mage/taoist to develop. By killing all kinds of BOSS powerful equipment can be obtained which will make you stronger and able to face the challenges of stronger BOSS and other players. In this legendary world not only can you compete for the king of your own country but you can also compete with players from 2 other countries for the first city in the world! Not only can you play all the classic gameplay you can also experience all kinds of new activities.

出售武林传奇金币 Game features: three unique professions: warrior mage and Taoist; the first "Qin Qi Zhao" three kingdoms gameplay; the first transnational imperial city battle gameplay; the first national hero gameplay you can recruit all kinds of heroes in martial arts novels ; In the game you can get more than 100 kinds of equipment by killing various BOSS; hundreds of BOSS are waiting for your challenge; every day there are more than 10 gameplays waiting for players to participate. Rich maps and BOSS: Dozens of maps and dozens of bosses with different strengths are waiting for the challenge of players and the legend is created by you!

Diversified equipment: Hundreds of equipment are randomly dropped from different BOSS as long as you have patience all equipment can be obtained.In order to enhance your adventure and maximize the experience of the game it is recommended that you buy cheap martial arts legend gold coins from our list of reputable sellers on Our gold coins are provided by real martial arts players. There is any cheating the inventory is real 100% reliable! Choose for secure payment 24/7 real-time support and fast delivery!