Most Usual APA Style Mistakes Made by Students in Research Papers - 2021

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This blog is about Most Usual APA Style Mistakes Made by Students in Research Papers - 2021

Many students wrestle with the proper way to document their research paper and how to write my paper. Often, students use only citations in a given format; however, they downplay the correct formatting style which is the very basic requirement of any research paper. 

In this article, I will show you ten common mistakes students usually make while formatting their paper in APA style. Being aware of them will help you avoid errors. If you read through the work of a professional essay writer, you will see he/she formats exactly according to the requirements of APA style. Let’s learn the common mistakes students commit in APA styles.

Title Page

The title page is the very first reflection of your work. Imagine, if your professor points out a mistake in your title page formatting. Students normally do not use correct formatting of the title page, rather they only write the title of their work and their name on the title page. This is wrong. The correct format of the title page in APA style is:


Most of the students leave the headers empty while writing a paper in APA style. In fact, the header of the APA style must include a title that is shortened up to 50 characters.

Title of the research

Normally, it has been observed that students don’t know how to write my paper for me on the very first page following the abstract. Often, students format the title of the research in an incorrect manner. The correct way to write a title is that it should be centered, either bold or underlined. Some students write their titles in italics which is wrong as per APA style. The correct way for writing a title in APA style is:


The hardest thing to understand in APA is the different ways of dealing with various types of sources. This is because the way you cite a book in APA is not the same way you cite a website. In addition, the way you reference and cite that website is not the very same way you cite a periodical or even a blog. Every term paper, research paper, dissertation or graduate paper will require you to cite secondary and primary sources. 

Improper formatting of headings at different levels

Heading formats vary style to style. In fact, the formats of heading in the same style "essay writer" also differ from one level to the other.In APA, the first-level heading is bold and cantered, 2nd level is bold and left-aligned, 3rd level is bold with indentation of one tab from the left, and 4th level is bold italics with indentation of one tab from the left.

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