How to Write Education Information on a CV?

You can use 15 items to add education information to your CV. Considering these items will help you in the process of creating a professional CV.


If you wish, let's go to the details;

 1) First, use a4 paper to write the education information in the CV .

 2) Use a maximum of 2 pages when writing your CV (Academic CV review can also be longer)

 3) Avoid long paragraphs as much as possible. The time allowed for CV reviews varies between 1 and 3 minutes and Cheap Resume Writing Services.

 4) When filling out the CV, write it in first or third person singular.

 5) When using an application such as Word, generally use easy-to-read characters such as "Times New Roman" or "Arial" and write in 11 or 12 points.

 6) Do not underline words or sentences except for information such as internet addresses.

 7) Pay attention to spelling and spelling rules.

 8) Do not forget to prepare a suitable cover letter according to the position you are applying for. If you are making a general application, you should indicate in your cover letter which field you want to work in.

 9) When describing the programs you graduated from, you should write them in reverse chronological order.

 10) Avoid adding unnecessary information and you may need to include a photo of the suit.

 11) You should not add photos that are faint, unclear, blurred or have a clear background.

 12) You should write a short paragraph that you can describe specifically for the position you are applying for, introduce yourself and indicate the purpose of your application.

 13) You must fill in information such as your name, full address, phone number, e-mail address, date of birth.

 14) You can optionally indicate your achievements, degrees or grade point average while studying.

 15) It can be useful according to the job you are applying for; You can write the vocational courses or training you have attended and the certificates under the appropriate title and Professional Resume Writing Services.

How to Write Continuing School in CV?

For the continuing school in the CV, under the "Education Information" section, write which school you studied, in which year you started, and indicate that you have not finished yet.


How Should the Education Order be in the CV?

While describing the training sequence information on the CV , it should be done in reverse chronological order. (You should not write the certificate and education information you received here. It would be better to write it in the section reserved for it)


What is the Importance of Writing the Training Received in the CV?

Preparing a CV lets your employer know about you. If you do not specify the training, certificates and language skills you have received according to the position you are applying for, the employer or the manager cannot know them. Since people with high knowledge are generally given priority during job application, writing the training received on the CV takes you one step ahead of your competitors.

Write down computer or program knowledge, grammar, certificates and training in accordance with the work you will do. Avoid unnecessary words or informal phrases.

The importance of CV emerges in recruitment processes . In order to apply for a job in any institution or organization, you need to prepare a CV. In this CV you will prepare, you will find a resume, experiences, abilities, etc. It is very important to have information that can be used to identify you. Why is CV important? The question can be summed up like this and essay writing.

Employers or human resources review CVs in detail to get to know candidates better during the job application process. As a result of the examination, the most suitable person for the job is determined and the recruitment process takes place.