Real and Fake Motives The Slain Soldier's Visit to Ashaiman Revealed: Trooper Sherrif Imoro - DETAILS

Real and Fake Motives The Slain Soldier's Visit to Ashaiman Revealed: Trooper Sherrif Imoro


On March 4, 2023, unidentified assailants attacked and killed a soldier in Ashaiman by the name of Trooper Sherrif Imoro.

Three days later, the area of Ashaiman where he was allegedly killed was overrun by a military force equipped with firearms and batons, accompanied by armored vehicles and a helicopter.

The Ghana Military Forces have stated in an official statement that the action was approved solely for the purpose of apprehending the murderers and not as retaliation for the death.

Official explanation for Sherrif's visit to Ashaiman:

The formal justification for his visit was mentioned in the statement that Brigadier General E. Aggrey-Quashie, Director General of Public Relations, signed.

Trooper Sherrif, who is stationed in Sunyani, was in Accra on a Course and had sought permission to visit his parents at Ashaiman where he grew up, but was found in a pool of blood in the early hours of Saturday near the Amania Hotel in Ashaiman.

"GAF wishes to state categorically that the military operation, which was sanctioned by the Military High Command, was NOT to avenge the killing of the soldier but rather to fish out the perpetrators of the heinous crime," the statement said.

Unofficial reason of visiting girlfriend:

The unofficial reason for his visit has since led to the arrest of one person as confirmed by Member of Parliament for Ashaiman Constituency, Ernest Henry Norgbey.

He disclosed on March 7 that the Ghana Police Service had arrested a suspected girlfriend of the slain officer.

Speaking in an interview on Peace FM’s Midday news on March 7, 2023, the lawmaker explained that, the arrest forms part of the police investigations to find the perpetrators of the murdered military personnel.

“As I speak, I think one person has been arrested for questioning, a female who might have had a relationship with the victim, and so they’re doing very well (Police) they’re doing their best to come out with a verdict.

“…that female was assumed to be the victim’s girlfriend. Speculations arise that probably the guy might have been with the lady at the moment the thing happened or he might have left her place at the time the thing happened, and so you know as a security agency, she should have been the prime suspect to be called.

“I spoke to the police commander who told me that over 72 people have been arrested so far,” he added.

Soldiers conduct swoop in Ashaiman

Early on Tuesday, it appears that some soldiers entered Ashaiman in pursuit of their young colleague's murders.

Numerous recordings of the incident that were recorded by various locals quickly became popular on social media.

Personnel might be seen assaulting and abusing people outside of their rooms in several of these recordings.

The event took place at Official Town in Ashaiman early dawn on Tuesday, March 7, 2023.