How is the effect of using the **** doll?

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How is the effect of using the sex doll?

​​ Now adult experience halls are open everywhere, and the heat has continued, so many people who eat melons have asked, is sex doll really easy to use? What are the characteristics?

Will the sex doll be called during the process? Are sex dolls good to use? In fact, sex dolls can solve some of the needs of men, so many friends who want to buy them but have not started will consider whether sex dolls feel the same as real people?

Can it be used every day
For those in need, you can buy sex dolls as much as you want. The sex dolls can meet everyone's preferences and solve their physiological needs. Although the sex dolls are easy to use, there is a saying that goes well, called "It's too late to go too far." Therefore, even if the sex doll is easy to use, I can only recommend that you do what you can, and it is best to use it by yourself.

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Can sex dolls simulate calls

The  love doll  produced by the general standard does not have this function, because it only relies on the entity to maintain the appearance of a simulated human. With the development of technology and the appeal of users, as well as to improve the sense of experience, some sex dolls have this function added to their bodies and better simulate calls.

Different from ordinary sex dolls, the sound-producing sex doll is equipped with a chip, and the user can adjust the different calls of the sex doll according to some parts.

The size of the lower body channel is recommended to choose the size that suits you. It doesn't matter if it is small, you can experience the feeling of one shot to the end. Some passages are too exaggerated.

Inflatable molding of ordinary entity dolls

After inflation, the volume is close to the size of an adult, the body is soft and elastic, but the skin is hard plastic, the body and limbs are relatively round, and cannot show the beauty of the human body. The appearance is relatively rough and can only approximate the structure of a human.

Will  WM doll  infect AIDS without wearing condoms?

Generally speaking, it is difficult to get AIDS even if you use a solid doll without a condom, because HIV is transmitted through body fluids or blood, and its activity is lost after leaving the body fluid or blood. Therefore, as long as multiple people are not using the same sex doll, it is difficult to contract AIDS.

At this time, don't be too reckless for the sense of experience, and you won't be able to use it in the second half. At present, that's all I can think of. I recommend the brand's official website or flagship store to buy. There are too many mines in other places. If you accidentally get caught.​​​​