About my CrowdPoint Journey

Here is a little story about my CrowdPoint journey


Through the Advanced Medicine I was made aware of CrowdPoint and the Blockchain! I joined CrowdPoint as my identity was compromised/ stolen on the black web. CrowdPoint uses the power of the blockcjain to secure your private information. In addition, CrowdPoint has an Advanced Medicine platform on a blockchain where all their goods are first wetted for their quality and integrity. I can with confidence suggest products that are of high caliber and with each purchase my client’s private information is secured on the blockchain. This was for me the ideal situation to become a Micropreneur still being able to help all my clients, family, and customers.

CrowdPoint is the solution—our future. Every individual engaging with this unique marketplace builds value. My customers and I both win. I help them learn about Advanced Medicine approaches, and they protect their privacy